An Introduction

I lost my wife two weeks ago to the day and this is what “dealing” with a loss through the eyes of faith looks like.

My wife’s name is Lindsay, she is the love of my life and I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with her here on Earth. We have two boys together, Brody Journey Lewis (2.5 years) and Cash Allen Lewis (11 months). Lindsay was a healthy 28 year woman that suddenly got very sick, ended up in the hospital, and passed 10 days later. This is my response to her death that gives you an idea of who we are…

“I am unbelievable heartbroken to say that my best friend, wife, the mother of my 2 beautiful children has joined the sweet Lord in Heaven as of this afternoon. She fought as hard as she possibly could but there were too many things going on inside her body to fight. She literally fought to the very end. I first saw Lindsay when she was in 8th grade and God told me right then that she was going to be in my life. I knew the second I saw her that I would love her. It took a few years, but God came through and put her in my life and from then on I never stopped loving her. She is an amazing woman, mother, wife, friend, the list goes on. She had a huge heart, a stubborn heart and a beautiful way about her. She was so beautiful on the outside but it was like she never knew it. She sometimes got upset because she would think people thought she was rude, but she was really just a humble, shy, and very modest human being. She never knew how beautiful she was even though I tried telling her everyday as well as friends. She gave me 2 of the most precious gifts that I could ever ask for in Cash Lewis and Brody Lewis. They will carry her inside of them for the rest of their lives and I will do my best to make her proud as a parent. She is a very special girl and I will miss her EVERY DAY. She loved all of you and I am so thankful for your prayers throughout this fight. The support has been amazing. I wish she could have seen it, but God has a bigger plan for her in Heaven. He has a plan for all of us and no matter what, our faith cannot waver. She is in Heaven, she is out of pain, and she is smiling down on us and probably feeling bad she can’t hug on us. Lindsay ‘Breault’ Lewis I will always love you, you have made my life amazing and I will take everything you taught me with me to my grave.”

I enjoy telling stories about her and this is my way to share with others.



7 responses to “An Introduction

  • carlyemiller

    amazing, i have goosebumps. praying for strength everyday for you and your family.

  • vicki wright

    Love this and it will be help all who loves her and your family! God bless

  • Kendal cram

    I look forward to your stories Gabe. Your strength and faith amaze me and I pray for you and your boys every day. Lindsay is a beautiful soul.

  • Belinda Swearingen

    I first met Lindsay at Brooke’s shortly after she and Steven moved to Dallas. She has always been very sweet and gracious. I remember how funny the two of them were waiting on Gavin and Brody to arrive. I remember how proud Brody and Cash made her. I remember the funny stories she would tell about building your house and home. She was so excited when you finally got to move in, and she wanted it to be a special place for all of you. The last time I saw you all together was at Gavin’s birthday. I have some pictures that I will try to share with Brooke so she can get then to you. I know you miss her terribly, and we continue to pray for healing in your heart . You are surrounded by lots of loving friends and family…take advantage of it. I am Brooke’s mom and we will help any way we can.

  • Ginny McSwain

    Gabe…I so loved reading about your life with Lindsey…I’m 60 years old, been married twice, now single. And although I think I’ve known LOVE in my lifetime, I can honestly tell you that I’ve never known or experienced a relationship like you had, albeit a short one. Couples can be married 50 years and never know what you two knew. Thank you on behalf of eternal “hopefuls” and all romantics for your insights and personal stories.

    Ginny McSwain
    (friend of Rochelle and Harvey…also knew your Mom and her brother many moons ago! Love them all!)

  • maryann lewis

    THe girls and I pray for you every morning as we start our school day. Praise God He gave you all such a rich live in so short a time. I know you are making Lindsay and the Lord very proud. May the Lord continue to shower blessings upon you.



  • Brett


    I’ve spent the last hour reading through your thoughts, trials, and stories (backwards). Your story touches me so deeply that I breakdown everytime I think about it (often). Your such an increadible person and you have so much to offer this flawed world through your life experiance. I look up to you in more ways than you think. As selfish as it sounds, I find strength to deal with my own issues from your resolve. I think Brody and Gabe are so lucky to have you as their role model in life. I love you, bud.

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