Dinner Time

This is the last of previous posts, this is from 10/7/11…

Here is a story about my day yesterday… A couple days ago I asked God to give me a sign that Lindsay was with me, which I do believe she is, I just was trying to grab on to something tangible in a moment of weakness. I went to bed that night disappointed. Brody is sick and I was with him at home all day yesterday and things were just not going well. As I was getting the boys fed and ready for bed I decided to get one of the frozen dinners that people had brought over and picked the one I thought looked most enticing. It read “cheesy chicken pasta” and had the very detailed heating instructions written on top of the foil. I heated it for 90 minutes, then removed to stir as the instructions said. As I was stirring I started thinking it looked like something Lindsay use to make, then it clicked… Either the week before she went into the hospital or the week before that I came home one day to a huge batch of pasta that she was making. I asked her what she was doing and she said making frozen dinners for us (which she had NEVER done before and really didn’t have a straight answer for it). She made 2. So last night Lindsay cooked for me and it was a the best meal I have had in a long time. The next one I will be eating on our anniversary 11/11/11. Thank you God.



One response to “Dinner Time

  • Michele Jamison

    I found this one very neat because she and I used to sit in the baby room at TOTW while I cuddled Chase or filled in, and talk about how to make dinners easier. We would swap ideas, recipes, and freezer ideas. I’m glad she fed you so well, and I am sure it will just as wonderful on your aniversary. God bless you and your boys.

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