Last Dance

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When Lindsay and I got married I really wanted this song to be the first song we danced to, but TOGETHER we decided to make it “At Last” by Etta James. So instead since Lindsay knew it was important to me, she surprised me with this as our last song to dance to at the wedding before we left the reception. For me that last dance was even more special than the first because she gave me the gift of in her way telling me she loved me beyond words. She very rarely surprised me, but this was one I will never forget.



One response to “Last Dance

  • Brenna Wilson

    Dear Gabe, You do not know me, but through Paige and Zach Walker’s blog, I have read about your life with Lindsey and the boys. I have known Paige through her mom, Laura. Both Lindsey and your life has touched me in away that I cannot express. I hurt for the boys and you and your family and friends of the lost. At the same time reading your stories of memories, feelings, and the love of Christ that you have and of Lindsey has stirred up so many feelings. That God does come first and that he is always there through everything. Like you said, never take things for granted. To live your day as if there was no tomorrow. My prayeres have been with you and the boys and will continue. You are a very incredible person and a wonderful father, a man of God. Thank you for sharing. Sincerly, Brenna Wilson

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