Along the Way…

When Lindsay and I were in college I went through some times that were pretty insignificant looking back on now, but seemed very hard at the time. It seemed like the end of the world and I was upset, but Lindsay was always right there by my side to be my rock. She always found a way to make me feel better when I was down and I tried to do the same for her. We were a team… we still are.

When I got the disappointing news of this event Lindsay gave me a card. She was always one to give cards and notes because she couldn’t always find the words in the moment, but she seemed to find them as soon as the ink hit the paper. She was a big fan of stationary and cards, so maybe there was something to that.

I broke out the “Gabe Box” the other day and I came across this which I feel like she wanted me to read now, just another way my best friend is taking care of me…

She also wrote in the card…

How did you know?



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