Playing the Role

Family is something that we inherit. In most circumstances we don’t get to choose our family… whether it is a Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Son, or Daughter, we acquire this through God’s plan.

The relationships can vary and we all play our role in the family. Your role changes over the years and you can even acquire a new role.

In the case of Lindsay, she played the Daughter and Sister role.

She was Sissy to Devon. Devon got to play the Big Sis role, showing Little Sissy the ropes.

She was Honey to Darcy. Darcy got to play the Mommy role and she played it well.

Just like any family, nothing is “perfect” as I have mentioned before, but these three beautiful women loved… period. Watching and listening to them playing their roles was like a symphony in perfect unity.

They had good times and hard times.

They had fun times and serious times.

The circle of how they played their roles was never-ending.

They acquired their new roles almost 3 years ago…

Lindsay was now Mommy.

Devon was now Aunt Dede.

Darcy was now Grandma.

One thing that didn’t change…

Lindsay was Sissy to Devon.

Lindsay was Honey to Darcy.

On my dear wife’s behalf…

She loved playing Sissy.

She loved playing Honey.

I love you Devon, I am proud to call you my Sis.

I love you Darcy, I am proud to call you Mom.

I love you Lindsay, I am thankful for you allowing me to acquire my role among you beautiful women.

Happy Birthday Sis.

Happy Birthday Mom.


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