One of the first lessons we are taught as soon as we come in to this life is to share.

In the beginning it means you have to give your toy to someone else.

As you grow the meaning grows.

The next one is that of telling your parents how your day went.

Again, it continues to grow.

You reach the point where you tell someone where your from, what you do, who you are.

This is where it reaches a point of maturity.

The final step is spending all your new memory making days with someone who is close to you.

It can come in the form of a close family member, a close friend, or in my case Lindsay.

We shared our toys, we shared how our day went away from each other, we shared where we were from, what we do, and who we are, we shared all of our new memory making days together…

We shared our life together.

I have my memories, but its the making new ones that is hard.

Here is one of the memories I love…

The holiday’s were always a big deal in our house just like most… we decorated, we shopped, and we got our tree.

Every year Lindsay and I would get a real Christmas Tree.

Lindsay would have preferred a fake one out of convenience, but I always insisted on a real one. The smell alone is worth it and I didn’t mind cleaning up the mess.

I loved getting out in the cold and finding the “perfect” tree.

Lindsay hated the cold and I always picked the coldest day to do our tree shopping.

She would say, “Why do we have to go on the coldest day every year?”. I would say, “Because, it feels like the holidays.” She would put on a smile and enjoy it for me.

We would pick out our “perfect” tree, load it up, and take it home.

I would get it all set up at the house, then I would get the lights and ornaments down.

I would put on our Christmas playlist to get in the holiday mood.

Together we would string the lights and together we would hang the ornaments.

Last night something was missing…

I didn’t hear “Why do we have to go on the coldest day every year?” and I didn’t say “Because, it feels like the holidays.”

For the first time I didn’t get to share that new memory with Lindsay.

I did share it with Brody and Cash.

We got out in the cold and we picked out the “perfect” tree.

Cash played with the lights and I strung them on the tree.

Brody kissed each ornament as I took it out of the box and I hung them on the tree.

Sharing is a hard lesson, but not sharing is even harder.


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2 responses to “Sharing

  • Jim and Erin Morgan

    What a timely (and as usual poignant) post. Today Clay had a friend over and I am really starting to work on sharing with him and I thought if I could just get him to “get” sharing. Seems like I needed the lesson on what sharing really means and what its real significance is. Thank you for the perspective and great message. I now have a reason beyond wanting Clay to just be a nice kid as a reason to stress sharing – I want him to be able to truly share himself and his life with another. Thank you for sharing this and all of these posts. You are pretty darn awesome, Gabe!

  • K.C. Victor

    Dear Gabe,

    I wish you new holiday memories this year, with your boys and probably friends.

    I do not know you except from this blog and through my friend Rochelle. Hang tight. Even strangers are rooting for you.

    K.C. Victor

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