Several weeks ago I had the fortunate encounter with someone that God put in “my” life for a reason (read here). That someone is ‘Jason’.

A simple introduction of himself to me, led to a simple introduction of him to the staff at Church, led to HOPE.

I have been in touch with Jason here and there while he has continued his walk to a new life with Christ.

Jason has a job.

Jason has a home.

Jason has food.

Jason has heat.

Jason has a church.

Jason has a belief.

Jason has HOPE.

His prayer has gone from “God please give me warmth” to “God thank you for warmth” to “God continue to reveal yourself to me”.

Merry Christmas.



4 responses to “thanksGIVING (HOPE)

  • Ranae Pettijohn

    I’ve been praying about this man. Thanks for the update, and giving us a tiny window into your life. God is good! We love you!

  • Jim and Erin Morgan

    What a great update! We’ve been remembering Jason in our prayers; I am so grateful that he is seeing the power of God work in his life as He provides for his needs. I pray that God continues to reveal Himself to Jason and that He provides the companionship of His constant presence in both Jason’s life as well as yours, sweet Gabe!

  • Razan

    That is a great way to start the Christmas holiday…this update made my day! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Gabe, and to Jason!

  • Debbie Willett Allen

    Great news! What a Christmas gift. Merry Christmas.

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