My wife’s name is Lindsay, she is the love of my life and I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with her here on Earth. We have two boys together, Brody Journey Lewis (2.5 years) and Cash Allen Lewis (11 months). Lindsay was a healthy 28 year woman that suddenly got very sick, ended up in the hospital, and passed 10 days later. This is my response to her death that gives you an idea of who we are…

“I am unbelievably heartbroken to say that my best friend, wife, the mother of my 2 beautiful children has joined the sweet Lord in Heaven as of this afternoon. She fought as hard as she possibly could but there were too many things going on inside her body to fight. She literally fought to the very end. I first saw Lindsay when she was in 8th grade and God told me right then that she was going to be in my life. I knew the second I saw her that I would love her. It took a few years, but God came through and put her in my life and from then on I never stopped loving her. She is an amazing woman, mother, wife, friend, the list goes on. She had a huge heart, a stubborn heart and a beautiful way about her. She was so beautiful on the outside but it was like she never knew it. She sometimes got upset because she would think people thought she was rude, but she was really just a humble, shy, and very modest human being. She never knew how beautiful she was even though I tried telling her everyday as well as friends. She gave me 2 of the most precious gifts that I could ever ask for in Cash Lewis and Brody Lewis. They will carry her inside of them for the rest of their lives and I will do my best to make her proud as a parent. She is a very special girl and I will miss her EVERY DAY. She loved all of you and I am so thankful for your prayers throughout this fight. The support has been amazing. I wish she could have seen it, but God has a bigger plan for her in Heaven. He has a plan for all of us and no matter what, our faith cannot waver. She is in Heaven, she is out of pain, and she is smiling down on us and probably feeling bad she can’t hug on us. Lindsay ‘Breault’ Lewis I will always love you, you have made my life amazing and I will take everything you taught me with me to my grave.”

I enjoy telling stories about her and this is my way to share with others.

This is my testament to Life, Love, and Faith in Christ.



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  • Hilary Trottier

    Gabe, I think of you and your family every day. I’m sure you hear that a lot, but it is so true. Each time something small frustrates me, I sit back and let it roll off my back because I want to appreciate everything about life – even the small insignificant frustrations. Each time I do that, I think of Lindsay and thus of you and the boys and say a small prayer. Although I hadn’t seen Lindsay is so many years and I’ve never met y’all – you are constantly in my prayers. I look forward to reading your tribute to Lindsay.

  • Melissa singleton

    I love your story. Thank you for sharing. Can I ask how she passed? Or what suddenly made her so sick?

  • Sandra Rios

    You have great stories about your wife who now lives in Heaven. Let me tell you about my story. I also write about my husband it actually helps me to express my feelings and I also feel that he is still with me if I write him notes. Of course I do not get responses, but I know that he is reading them.

    This is an actual statement on a question that the court asked me.
    Answer to question # 6
    How has this crime affected you, your family and those close to you? Please feel free to discuss your feelings, thoughts and general well-being.

    My children have lost their father and my children’s path in life has been changed forever. Ignacio and I met when I was 13 and he was 15 years old. It was a whole life time. We made decisions regarding our children together. We were raising our children together. We were a family.

    This was not an illness or accident, it was a murder committed deliberately by Arturo Casas. This has greatly impacted my children and me. We feel lonely, betrayed and outraged that someone can just take a life of a person.

    Just to think how powerless and defenseless my youngest son felt at the sight to see his father murdered in front of him has been very traumatic for him as well as me. My children will have to grow up without their father. My youngest child did not make that decision, but the person who committed the crime did make the decision to take Ignacio’s life in front of son. This is a heartless cold murderer. I am sure that it is easy to say “move on with your life”; If this has not happened to you. Emotionally this has been devastating and heartbreaking for our family. Financially this is another burden to have to deal with.

    This man has been deported once before, came back to the United States and committed murder; I guess if he is deported he will come back use your name or mine or even commit another murder and leave another devastating family to suffer. These are my thoughts and I am sure I can go on and on.


    Sandra Rios

    • Gabe

      I am so sorry for your loss Sandra. I know I try to myself in other’s shoes as they try to put themselves in mine and I can’t. I can’t fully understand what you are going through in the way you lost your husband.

      My feelings on how Lindsay passed away I do feel a sense of comfort that she did not suffer long. I know it did not matter if it was pneumonia or a car accident or a murder, I would take comfort in the fact it was her time. It was God’s time. Not mine. Just as I know I live this life for God, I also know he gives me this life, I don’t create it on my own, I don’t own it. He can taketh away at any time.

      I do have compassion for you. I can’t imagine knowing another “human” took my spouses life. I have a good friend that when we first met, she called me for advice. She and her husband were in a car accident and it was due to someone running a stop sign. Now I understand it was not premeditated, it was another human being negligent with another’s life. My friend also has a small child. Her attorney was asking questions regarding seeking money for damages (suing). She asked my advice as someone removed emotionally from the situation, what I would do. I told her show grace. If you feel the Lord will provide for you, show these people grace. You don’t know what has happened to them in their life. She replied that she does know a bit about them. Their son was run over and killed by a driver when he was 10. Now they are on the other side.

      It is all about grace, forgiveness and love. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

      Nothing we do will bring our spouses back. I am sorry you live with this pain. Look at your journey in this life and figure out how to honor God on this road that leads to HIM.


      I am so sorry for your loss again and your children’s loss.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Hi Gabe, I saw your story when it was shared by my cousin’s wife and a former classmate of yours, Tammy (now –Reyna). I am so very sorry for your loss.I was widowed in my 20’s and can feel your pain through your writing. My situation was different, we had 2 years of fighting cancer… and no children. Blogging is a wonderful way to share your wife with your boys so they can grow up knowing and remembering her. If you ever need to talk, I am here and there are so many other young widows/widowers who would be happy to listen. I know that is how I was able to make it through those gruesome days of overwhelming grief. I am remarried now, to a wonderful man who allows me to still cherish the time I had with my first husband. I wish only the best for you and your adorable boys.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Gabe

      Hi Rebecca, I am so sorry for your loss! I think the 10 days in the hospital were some of the hardest days in all of this. The “unknown” of the outcome was hard to deal with. I learned a lot in those 10 days and since. I can not imagine going through 2 years of that. That is a test I can not imagine going through. I am sure you a very strong woman and mother for it. I bet you feel that “I will love more and better” that I do.

      I am so glad you found another companion and that he understands your loss enough to allow you to cherish that part of your life. I feel this pain will never go away, that it is more like I will live a life with a higher pain tolerance. You are so lucky to have someone that allows you to still grieve and love that first spouse.

      Thank you for the prayers.

      In love.


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